What is Photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis (photo- + catalysis) refers to a reaction that involves light (photo-) and a catalyst. A catalyst is a substance that remains physically and chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction. Combining these two words, a photocatalytic reaction is one in which particles of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) are energized by light energy to mediate chemical reactions.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) occurs naturally and is safe and inert. For over the last three decades, its effectiveness as a sanitizing, anti-microbial agent has been recognized. TiO2 is also approved as a food additive by the Federal Drug Agency (FDA).

Being able to utilize a wide range of light from both indoor and outdoor sources, TiO2 acts as a catalyst under a minimal amount of light energy to oxidize organic compounds upon contact.

The Process

When TiO2 absorbs light energy, it acts as a catalyst, breaking down water vapor to produce hydroxyl radicals (OH●) and oxyen gas to produce super oxide anions (O-). These powerful oxidants are able to effectively decompose toxic organic matter into harmless molecules.

Since TiO2 is a catalyst, by definition, the Omniyo Nano TiO2 coating can neither be used up nor worn out. Therefore, it has the unique ability to sustain the photo-oxidation process once applied.

The Omniyo Nano TiO2 coating thus continuously decomposes organic matter which includes:

These organic matters are rapidly broken down by the Omniyo Nano TiO2 coating into minute benign compounds such as water and carbon dioxide.

Omniyo Nano 223

Omniyo Nano 223 is small, pure and powerful. The increase in surface area due to its reduced size may produce an exponential effect leading up to 100x in efficacy. Omniyo Nano 223 also produces an ultra-durable strong bond with any surface. Omniyo Nano 223 is able to function under the widest range of light sources, actively eliminating all bacteria, viruses, molds and air pollutants.


HYPREX contents are mainly of water ( 95%+ ) and our patented Nano plant extracts additive. The additive alters ordinary water's fundamental properties, breaks up the surface tension and the molecular binding forces to make it more "liquid " ( lower viscosity ).

HYPREX is ultra effective in putting out fire rapidly as it penetrates deeper, spread out wider into a thin sheet to cool burning surfaces faster.