The Nano 223 Aerosol Spray Can is an indispensable product which ensures the safety of you and your loved ones. The 170g ready-to-use spray can be applied on any desired surface.



Omniyo Nano 223 can be applied upon almost all surfaces such as fabrics, wooden furniture, glass windows, etc.


Omniyo Nano 223 is applied as is straight from your purchased spray can.

  1. Thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove all dirt, mould and other debris.
  2. Leave to dry.
  3. Hold the aerosol spray can about 30cm away from the surface you intend to coat.
  4. Spray surfaces using a side to side motion and up and down motion to ensure an even coating. You should expect to see a thin mist-like film.
  5. Allow the surface to fully dry. Any excess spray can be wiped away with a plain cloth.

Product Specifications

Detailed product specifications can be downloaded from the Downloads page.