No other product is more environmentally friendly, simpler to use, faster in speed, safer and more effective in putting out fire than HYPREX.


HYPREX is the world's most advanced fire extinguishing technology. It is a cutting edge high performance liquid additive that is neutral in PH value and nontoxic.

HYPREX is 100% safe, made from Nano plant extracts, it will not cause any damage or hazard to the Earth environment and Humans.

HYPREX's unique rapid cooling technology ensures that fire can be put out within seconds.

Key Features

100% Environmental Friendly
- Made using only natural plant extracts and other food grade material.

Fast Heat Reduction. No Re-Combustion
- HYPREX penetrates and rapidly cool burning substrates to eliminate any chance of re-combustion.

Biodegradable Organic Compound
- No messy clean up, no hazard to humans and plants.
- HYPREX actually is a super effective plant fertilizer.

Tested Globally

HYPREX has been tested and proven to extinguish fire rapidly. A series of video demostration is available: burning sofa fire / curtain fire / kitchen cabinet fire / Vehicle fire

Test shows the effectiveness of HYPREX in putting out fire with the early crucial seconds.

HYPREX is designed to be a simple , easy to use, no post-cleaning spray.

- Light weight
- Easy to use
- No training required
- Easy to store
- Long shell life (up to 3 years)


Home / Public places / Transport

Advanced canning technology ensure safe usage and safe storage in high heat environment. Tested in 100℃ environment.

Place HYPREX spray strategically in office / home to increase your chances of survival and reduce the risks of losses in the event of a fire.

- Household Kitchen
- Automobiles
- Factory
- Yacht
- Public Transportation
- Large Commercial Vehicles
- Dormitory
- Hotel

Certification & Test Reports

HYPREX additive is designed specifically for use in regular fire extinguisher.